The regular Obvious Consult podcast is where you will be able to find and listen to insightful conversations between myself and various key figures from the engineering, construction and businesses consultancy world.

I have already had the great pleasure of interviewing various leading figures from some of the largest engineering and consultancy in the UK, many of whom I have previously worked with during my many years of operating in the industry.


Going forwards I will continue to produce further podcasts about the most important topics that are likely to impact on the industry and hopefully they will provide an insight into the thought process and activity that happens at board level and across senior management at large organisations.  

I hope that you enjoy listening to these podcasts and are able to take away something valuable from these conversations. If any topics, ideas or conversations spark your interest, by all means, reach out to me via LinkedIn or give me a call and we can have a conversation. 

Latest Podcasts

Check out the latest podcasts where I interview leading figures, directors and senior management from the construction and engineering world.